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Mixed WEEE
Listed are the categories & items included in the WEEE Directive for safe waste disposal.

Small Household Appliances
Vaccuum cleaners
Carpet sweepers
Other appliances for cleaning
Appliances used for sewing, knitting, weaving and other processing for textiles
Irons and other appliances for ironing, mangling and other care of clothing
Grinders and equipment for opening or sealing containers or packaging
Coffee machines
Electric knives
Appliances for hair cutting, hair drying, tooth brushing, shaving, massage and other body care appliances

IT and Telecoms Equipment
Printer units
Copying equipment
Electrical and electronic typewriters
Pay telephones
Cordless telephones
Cellular telephones
Answering systems
Pocket and desk calculators
Other products and equipment for the collection, storage, processing, presentation or communication or information by electronic means
Other products or equipment of transmitting sound, images or other information by telecommunication

Consumer Equipment
Radio sets
Video cameras
Video recorders
Hi-fi recorders
Audio amplifiers
Musical instruments
Other products or equipment for the purpose of recording or reproducing sound or images, including signals or other technologies for the distribution of sound and image than by telecoms

Lighting equipment (exc gas discharge lamps)


Luminaires for fluorescent lamps with the exception of luminaries in households
Straight fluorescent lamps
Compact fluorescent lamps
Other lighting or equipment for the purpose of spreading or controlling light with the exception of filament bulbs


Electrical and electronic tools
(with the exception of large scale stationary industrial tools)

Sewing machines
Tools for riveting, nailing or screwing or removing rivets, nails, screws or similar uses
Tools for welding, soldering or similar use
Tools for mowing or other gardening activities
Equipment for spraying, spreading, dispersing or other treatment of liquid or gaseous substances by other means.
Equipment for turning, milling, sanding, grinding, sawing, cutting, shearing, drilling, making holes, punching, folding, bending or similar processing of wood, metal and other materials

Toys, leisure and sports equipment


Electric trains or car racing sets
Hand held video game consoles
Video games
Computers for biking, diving, running and rowing
Sports equipment with electric or electronic components


Monitoring and control equipment


Smoke detector
Heating regulators
Measuring, weighing or adjusting appliances for household or laboratory equipment
Other monitoring and control instruments used in industrial installations (for example, in control panels).


Automatic dispensers


Automatic dispensers for hot drinks
Automatic dispensers for hot or cold bottles or cans
Automatic dispensers for solid products
Automatic dispensers for money
All appliances which deliver automatically all kind of products
This list is intended to act as a guide only. This list is not exhaustive








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