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Studio Lighting & Accessories
Proline Apollo Lighting
Ideal for home portraiture, small object photography etc.
180 Apollo Flash Head
Output: 180 w/s
Guide Number: 35GN
Recharge Time: 3.0 sec
Colour Temp: 5500 K
Power Control: Full to 1/8 fully variable
Modelling Lamp: 50W
Flash Duration: 1/1000 sec
Triggering Methods: Slave /  Sync / Test
Lighting Stand
50 x 70cm Softbox
Camera Synch Cable
 X-300 Apollo Flash Head
Output: 318 w/s
Guide Number: 48GN
Recharge Time: 3.6 sec
Colour Temp: 5500 K
Power Control: Full to 1/8 fully variable
Modelling Lamp: 50W
Flash Duration: 1/1000 sec
Triggering Methods: Slave /  Sync / Test
Lighting Stand
50 x 70cm Softbox
Camera Sync Cable




Interfit INT160 EZ Lite Twin Head Kit  Out Of Stock

The Interfit Photographic EZ-Lite is an affordable solution to modern studio lighting, having a uniform 3200k Tungsten light source enables the photographer to capture excellent results, proven in many studios all over the world. Using an established lamp the Ez-Lite provides 500 watts of light, ideal for Portraits and Product photography.

The kit comes complete with:

2 x Heads,
2 x Lighting Stands (90"/230cm)
2 x Translucent Umbrellas
Power Cables and 500 Watt Lamps.
It is ideal for students and first time users, for product and pack shot companies or for home use. The Ez-lite will provide a soft even light source for photographic or video applications.

Interfit INT123 EZ Lite Three Head Kit  Out Of Stock

As Twin Kit Above Except 3 Heads etc.

The kit comes complete with:

3 x Heads,
3 x Lighting Stands (90"/230cm)
3 x Translucent Umbrellas
Power Cables and 500 Watt Lamps.

Tokar 50cm 20" & 90cm 36" Cube Light Tent

Made from photographic grade light diffusing white nylon fabric Diffuses the external light source to soften shadows and reduce reflections.

Light from any direction, back, top, sides etc...
Light with sunlight, flash, incandescent, quartz, halogen, tungsten, fluorescent lighting...
Light with one, two, three or more lamps...  

Collapsable Tent with 4 Backgrounds

Ideal for small to medium sized items...
Pottery/ceramics photography
Glassware photography
Large Jewellery photography
Clock photography
Ornaments and collectables
Soft toys and die-cast models
Beads and necklaces



                                                                    Example of Set Up                                                      Finished Picture


5 in 1 Reflectors

Available in 50cm (20"), 80cm (32"), 107cm (42")


These versatile reflector sets offers a choice of the 5 most popular reflective surfaces.
The spring frame is covered with white translucent material that can be used to diffuse both studio light and direct sunlight.
A reversible cover offers a choice of White, Silver or Gold reflective surfaces, plus a Matt Black surface for use when there is a need to increase contrast in a picture by cutting down the amount of light that is reflected into the shadows.
Fold down to a convenient compact circle and packs away in it's own carry bag.


Photo Basics 5 in 1 Reflector Kit 40"  (Click Here To See Special Offer)


The 40" 5-in-1 Reflector Kit is the fastest, most affordable way to achieve diffused or reflective light. The kit contains a diffusion panel, as well as a slipcover that is silver/gold/white and black. Use it outdoors or add to an existing studio set up for even more versatility and control. Frames are double-riveted to stand up to tough abuse while maintaining its shape and flexibility.


Kit Includes:


1 One Stop Diffusion Panel
1 x Slip Cover (Black/Gold/Silver/White)
1 x Reflector Arm
1 x 7.5' Light Stand
1 x Educational DVD


Silver / Gold

Available in the following:

Interfit 30cm (12")






Kood 24" Silver

Kood 24" Gold

Kood 33" Silver

Kood 33" Gold

Kood 33" White/Translucent

Lastolite 40" Reversible Sunlite/White



Background Paper



Seamless Paper provides a high-quality, non-reflecting surface with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that’s ideal for creating smooth and even backgrounds in portraits, commercial photography, product photography, video photography, and much more.



         Super White  Out Of Stock                                                                                                   Studio Grey  Out Of Stock

Roll of Paper Backgrounds

Size 1.35m (4ft 5") x 11m (36ft 1")


High-quality paper.

Fine-tooth, non-reflective surface.

Easy to use—just unroll what you need.

Cost-effective for a wide variety of uses.





Background Cloths



  Interfit Light Blue

Size 2.4 x 2.7m (8 x 9’)

 Washable cotton fabric.

Each background has a wide sewn hem to

accommodate the cross-pole of a background support system.



Plain White   Out Of Stock                  Grey Marl Out Of Stock

Kenro washable cotton backgrounds

Size are 2.4 x 2.7m (8x9')


Background Support




Small Max height 2.4m (94") Max Width 2.5m (98")

Designed to support either textile or paper roll backgrounds and the

new range of Masters muslin Backgrounds.


Flash Adapters & Cables


Examples of Flash Adapters with PC Lead Attached or With PC Socket to connect studio cable.



Flash Leads including Extension Cables


Flash Slave Sensors

These small photo cell flash sensors are used to fire flash units without the use of camera connecting cables. 


(Left on Pic) This has a shoe connection for the flash and can be fitted on to a tripod, camera bracket etc. Connects to flash by the flash synch lead.

(Right On Pic) Has a suction pad which can be fixed onto most flat surfaces. Connects to the flash by the flash synch cable.




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