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Inexpensive, lightweight and fully portable multi-application monocular system.

Allows for conversion to six different viewing formats by adding or removing separate components.

1. 8x20 monocular
2. 15x30 monocular with tripod adapter
3. 25x30 monocular with tripod adapter
4. 30x mini microscope
5. 45x mini microscope
6. 75x mini microscope


Viking Mobile Microscope  Out Of Stock
 Mobile microscope with 5 mega pixel and 200x (500xby digital) magnification. Ideal microscope for examining surfaces of all kinds of objects.
Video & Photo Capture, Measurement by software (1/1000mm).
Supplied with: Stand, Video& USB Cables, Software & Carry Pouch
Image Sensor: 5 Megapixel
Lens: Professional High Quality
Display: 3" TFT Panel, 4:3 Ratio
Magnification: 20x - 200x (Up To 500x by Digital)
Still Image Resolution: 12m,9m,5m,3m,1.3m,VGA
Video Capture Resolution: VGA,QVGA
Frame Rate: 3fps @ VGA
Light Source: 8 LED's with Brightness Adjustable
Power Source: 1. Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 2. Mains Adapter, 3. USB
TV Output: Via Phono Cable Supplied
 Storage: Micro SD Up To 32GB SDHC (Not Supplied)
Measurement: By Microscope Pro Software (Windows XP, Vista,7/8, + Mac 10.7 or Above
Dimensions: 130x103x29mm
Weight: 195g (With Battery)
Zenith SCM-200 Microscope  SOLD OUT

The Zenith SCM-200 Junior Microscope is a compact instrument of die-cast construction and very good optical performance designed for Primary and Middle School use. Features monocular head inclined at 45 degrees for convenient viewing and a non tilting stage. Anti-tamper safety features include locked on eyepiece, stage clips and mirror and a focus-stop to prevent damage to glass microslides and objective lenses.


Magnification Range x40, x100, x400

Achromatic Objectives x4 (0.10), x10 (0.25), x40R (0.65) R=retractable

x10 eyepiece, Huyghenian Flatfield

Stage condenser (N.A. 0.65)

Rotating 6-Hole Disc Diaphragm

Triple objective turret

Concave mirror for illumination

Stage measures 92x90mm

Single focusing control with reducer gear for easy, positive focusing

Supplied in polystyrene pack

Dimensions 100x152x232mm

Weight 1.2kg


The Zenith Scholaris-400 LED Microscope is a wonderfully versatile and easy to use instrument, providing a perfect platform to start discovering the fascinating wonders of the micro-world!
Elegantly designed and robustly constructed, the Scholaris-400 makes an ideal beginners microscope. Featuring dual-LED illumination (transmitted and incident) for the examination of a wide variety of specimens. The substage transmitted illumination allows the examination of prepared microscope slides and transparent specimens at 40x, 100x & 400x magnifications, whilst the incident top illumination allows opaque objects (e.g. coins, whole insects etc.) to be observed at 40x & x100. Supplied with an accessory kit, including 5 x prepared slides, 5 x plain slides, cover slips, test tube, pipette, probe and tweezers. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not supplied). A perfect gift!Specification:


Magnification range: x40, x100, x400
X10 Widefield Eyepiece
Parfocal Achromatic Objectives: x4, x10, x40
Separate Incident and Transmitted LED Illumination
Rotating 6-Hole Disc Diaphragm
Single-Speed Focusing Control Knobs
Locked-on Stage Clips
Dust Cover
Overall Dimensions 160x118x300 mm
Weight Approx 800g
Supplied with Gift Box

Zenith 400L Advanced Student Microscope 
Ideal for ordinary and advanced level biology studies. The Zenith ULTRA-400 V.2 series are purpose built teaching instruments finished to a very high standard, combining excellent optical performance and a very reliable, modern, user-friendly design with a mechanical construction designed to withstand the rigours or everyday heavy classroom use. All models feature high quality DIN standard optics, anti-tamper safety features included locked on eyepiece and stage clips, slip clutch on the coarse focus movement to prevent over focussing and an adjustable focus stop to prevent damage to glass microslides and objective lenses. Highly recommended.

  • Magnification x40, x100, x400
  • DIN Achromatic Objectives x4(0.10),x10(0.25),x40R(0.65) (R=retractable)
  • x10 widefield eyepieces with pointer (18mm field)
  • Stage Condenser (N.A. 0.65)
  • Rotating 5-hole disc diaphragm
  • Triple Objective Turret
  • Built in 230v 20w illumination (colour corrected with daylight blue filter)

    Zenith BM-100FL Binocular College Microscope
    A high quality binocular microscope designed to meet the needs of the more advanced biology student at an economical price. Combines excellent optical performance and a robust, reliable ergonomic design. Anti-tamper safety features include locked on stage clips, slip clutch on the coarse focusing movement and an adjustable focus stop.

  • Magnification Range x40, x100, x400,1000
  • DIN Achromatic Objectives x4 (0.10), x10 (0.25), x40R (0.65),100R (1.25) oil immersion (R=retractable)
  • Paired x10 widefield eyepiece with pointer (18mm field)
  • ABBE Condenser (N.A. 1.25) in spiral focusing mount with iris diaphragm
  • Quadruple Objective Turret with positive click stops
  • Built in 230v 20w illumination (colour corrected with daylight blue filter)
  • Separate smooth action Coarse & Fine Focusing controls
  • Dioptric adjustment provided on both eyepiece tubes
  • Binocular head inclined 45 degrees and rotatable through 360 degrees for conveneint viewing
  • Full Inter-pupillary adjustment
  • Permanently horizontal stage
  • Supplied in Polystyrene Pack with Dust Cover
  • Dimensions 175x130x350mm
  • Weight 4kg
    We also stock prepared slides



    N.B.S. SET 6/A/TWO - INSECT PARTS (6 Slides)   Sold Out

    Poplar Hawkmoth, Cockroach, Crane Fly, Common Wasp (vespa), Vegetarian Waterboatman


    N.B.S. SET 6/A/THREE - INSECT PARTS (6 Slides)

    Red Underwing Moth, Crane Fly, Common Wasp (Vespa)


    N.B.S. SET 6/G - RAT HISTOLOGY (6 Slides)


    N.B.S. SET 6/X - BEETLE PARTS (6 Slides)


    N.B.S. SET 6/Z - TRUE FLY PARTS (6 Slides)


    N.B.S. SET 6/AB - SPIDER PARTS (6 Slides)



    Samples Of N.B.S Prepared Slide Sets on Right

    Box Sets As Follows (Left Box)



    Tadploe & Frog's Eggs Preserved in Bottles + Parts of Frog Prepared Slides



    Cockroach & Spider Preserved in Bottles + Cockroach & Spider Parts Prepared Slides






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