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Ronald White

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We keep various magnifiers for most occasions see below:-
Traditional Hand Held Magnifier
2x Magnification approx.
Available in Varying Diameters
50mm (2"), 65mm (2.5"), 75mm (3"),  90mm (3.5"), 100mm (4"), 130mm (5")
2x Magnification Judgement 100x50mm
2x Magnification 40x80mm
 75mm 3" Folding 2x Magnifier with Case
Stand Magnifier 
2x Magnification
Flexible Arm
3x Magnification
2" (50mm) 3 Way Desk Stand Magnifier
Pocket Magnifier

2 Qty 5x Lens = 5 & 10x Magnifications

                   3x & 5x Folding                         
Ruper Magnifier (Jewellers Magnifier)


  3x & 5x Folding               3x 4x 5x Folding                    8x & 15x Folding               10x & 20x Folding   



        6x Folding                                                           10x Folding                                               20x Folding
Available in 4x, 5x, 7x, 9x
Linen Testers 
Various Linen Testers Available

             8x AP Loupe                                      8x Waltex Focusing    





       6x Desk Magnifier                                      3x Desk Magnifier


Illuminated Magnifier



   10x Magnification Illuminated  Out Of Stock


   15x Magnification Illuminated  Out Of Stock



2x / 4x Magnification Illuminated  90mm (3.5") Glass Diameter




2.5x / 5x Magnification

50mm (2") Konus Illuminated  (Click Here To See Special Offer)


2.5x Magnification Opticron Bridge Illuminated




Fresnel Magnifier



                                                                                                                2x Magnification

                                                                                                                   Full Page A4


 Strip Bar Magnifer




Main bar gives crystal clear 2x magnification.
Small lens in handle gives 6x magnification.
Magnifier has an imperial and metric scale.
Laid flat on the page, the bar magnifier gives clear, distortion free magnification.
6in/15cm Long



Clip-on Spectacle Magnifier


2.5x Magnifications




Headband Magnifier



Illuminated x2.2 & x3.3 Magnifications