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Instruction Manuals
Through this site we will be delighted to offer instruction manuals and other photographic literature online.


The aim is to supply a printed manual for every camera and accessory ever made, new or old.


You will have more than 16,000 different manuals to choose from - the most comprehensive collection in the world.




OTHERWISE Please Continue Down The Page For Books & Guides Below

Hove Foto Books - User Guides
This series of Hove Foto Books User Guides take the camera's manual one step further. Generally more in-depth than the original manual, each book's author is very well versed with the camera in question so you are helped through the use of each of the camera's functions rather than just told what it can do.

Due to the vast rate of change and short life-span of digital models, no books are available for D-SLRs or digital compacts. For D-SLR's See Instructional DVD's Below.








 DVD Instructional DVD's (Click Here To See Special Offer)


Blue Crane Digital make training DVDs for photographers buying their first Digital SLR, or for film users making the switch to digital technology. They will quickly get you up to speed with your camera. Each 95 minute video explains the cameras controls and how to capture the best image under all conditions. Each subject is contained in a separate chapter, so you can proceed at your own pace.


Topics include:
Be Prepared (To Get the Shot), Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority/Depth of Field, Depth of Field Preview,
Picture Styles, AF Modes, Metering and Bracketing, White Balance/Color Temperature, ISO,
Using Playback to get Great Images, Understanding Histograms, Exposure Compensation, Flash Overview,
Using Physical Filters, Lens Selection, Custom Functions, Programmable Buttons, RAW Files, Composition,
Data Photo Professional Software, Camera User Settings, Bulb Setting, And Much More....





 Jumpstart Instructional DVD's (Click Here To See Special Offer)


JumpStart Guides are clear, comprehensive, user-friendly DVDs that help camera buyers to get the most out of their new digital camera – from the reasonably priced camera to state-of-the-art name brands.

The Guides are a great resource for people who don’t like to read manuals.

The newbie will easily make the transition from taking snapshots to producing inspired images to cherish forever; the pro will quickly adapt skills to shooting with digital cameras.

Jumpstart Guides Cover...

  • Camera features and functions
  • White balance
  • ISO settings
  • Quality settings
  • Using a histogram
  • Principles of photography
  • Depth of field
  • Aperture and shutter priority
  • Program modes
  • How to get sharp images
  • Storing and carrying cameras
  • Choosing and using a tripod
  • What lens to buy next
  • Using filters
  • Digital media options
  • Getting photographs into a computer
  • Improving photos
  • Printing options
  • Storing photos on the web
  • And much, much more













Other Titles


Philip's Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe

An easy-to-use rapid identification guide to more than 500 species, including all the resident and regular migrant birds in the geographical continent of Europe. The region covered extends from Iceland, Ireland and Britain in the west, to the Ural Mountains, Black Sea and Western Turkey in the east.

Philip's Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe is a highly practical field guide in a convenient pocket-sized format, and is organized for maximum ease of use.

The birds are arranged in the now standard sequence of orders and families, starting with waterfowl and ending with passerines (perching birds). Each double-page spread shows a group of related birds illustrated together on a single plate, which facilitates rapid comparison for confident identification. A full-colour illustration is provided for each of the featured species, and includes the indication of important distinguishing features, plus a descriptive text and distribution map.

The text provides concise, detailed information to enable easy identification of the species. Standard data includes common English name, scientific name, size, habitat, plumage, characteristic flight pattern and behaviour, song and call. The illustrations show the adult male of each species in breeding plumage, and in winter plumage if different. Female, immature and juvenile plumages are also shown if their plumage differs from the adult male. Birds often seen in flight are also shown on the wing. The guide excludes the rare vagrants shown in other guides, whose inclusion can cause confusion in the field.




Astronomical Guide




The Philip's Practical Astronomy Kit  is a 3 in 1 astronomy starter pack containing a Planisphere, a Month by Month Star Finder book and Philip’s Guide to the Night Sky by Sir Patrick Moore. The Planisphere 51.5 degrees north allows you to find your way around the night sky and shows you what is where for every hour of every night of the year. The month by month star finder gives you a map for each month showing you the location of the stars and constellations. The Guide to the Night Sky is an easy to follow guide to the night sky and is perfect for the astronomy beginner










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