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Ronald White

Photographic & Optical Specialists

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We Stock A Range Of Film
35mm Colour Negative
  Fuji Superia 200ASA       Fuji Superia 400ASA       Fuji Superia 800ASA       Fuji Superia 1600ASA

24 Exposures

36 Exposures


24 Exposures

36 Exposures


36 Exposures


36 Exposures



                                                                                                   Kodak Gold 200ASA             Kodak Ultramax 400ASA

                                                                                                           24 Exposures                            24 Exposures

                                                                                                           36 Exposures                            36 Exposures












 Kodak Ektar 100ASA


36 Exposures






120 Roll Colour Negative




Fuji Pro 160ASA                           Fuji Pro 400                             Kodak Portra 160ASA




35mm Black & White Negative




Ilford FP4 125ASA               lford HP5 400ASA                          Ilford XP2 400ASA


                                                                            24 & 36 Exposures               24 & 36 Exposures                            36 Exposures

                                                                                                                                                                                 C41 Colour Process










                                                          Ilford Delta 100ASA                         Ilford Delta 400ASA 

                  Ilford Delta 3200ASA

                                                                       36 Exposures                                      36 Exposures                                     36 expsoures





 120 Roll Black & White Negative


                                                                       Ilford PAN F 50ASA                    FP4 125ASA                                Ilford HP5 400ASA


Delta 100ASA                            Delta 3200ASA



35mm Slide


Fujichrome Provia                    Fujichrome Velvia

100 ASA                                      50 ASA

   Non-Process Paid                    Non-Process Paid


36 Exposures                             36 Exposures




Agfa Precisa CT 100 ASA

Non-Process Paid


36 Exposures






    Single Use Camera


Fuji Quicksnap


27 Exposures



Instant Camera Film





                                                                  Fuji Instax Wide Picture Format

                                                                          This instant Print film is for use only with the Fuji instax range of cameras.

                                                             100, 200, 210 etc
                                                           It is supplied in two 10 packs (20)


                                                                                          Impossible PX600                   Impossible PX680
                                                                                  Monochrome (Black & White)                   Colour 
                                                                          This instant Print film is for use with the Polaroid 600/SX70 range of cameras.
                                                                                                         600,One,Impulse,Land etc.
                                                                                                Supplied in single film packs of 8 Photos




All The Above In Stock Unless Otherwise Stated


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