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In 1982 Great Britain went to war with Argentina over the disputed Sovereignty of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.

During the campaign more than 70 Royal Navy and Fleet Auxiliary units and ships of the Merchant Navy sailed south to take part in the recapture of the islands. Some did not return.

Following the conflict many battle scarred ships and crews were given a heroes welcome back in various ports around the United Kingdom.


This short film shot by amateur photographer David Pickett on 8mm film shows just some of those ships returning to a triumphant welcome at Portsmouth in the summer of 1982 including HMS Invincible and fleet flagship HMS Hermes.

Also included on this DVD is archive footage of the Royal Yacht Britannia taken at the Silver Jubilee review of the fleet in 1977.


© David Pickett, Vectis Films. Quadrant Events 2013


Running time approx. 15 mins


Available At Only @ £14
Including Postage