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Cine to Video Services
Do you have some of these?

& one of these ? (Even if you do not have the projector)
If Yes then continue reading.
Are you tired of setting up the old projector & screen to show those old cine films, or no projector to view them, then why not let us transfer them on to video.
Using the latest equipment & technology your old films can be viewed on television.
Only high grade video media is used to minimise loss of picture quality.
A standard background music is included in the price. If a title at the beginning is required, this can be added at a small charge.
Photographs & slides can also be transferred.
We are able to transfer direct to VHS or DVD (Without having to tranfer to VHS First - Like some companies offering the same service).
If you wish to relive those old memories, whether it be the projector does not work or just taking the hassle out of setting up the equipment to view those those old films then why not let us transfer them for you.
Also if you are looking for that special gift for a loved one or a family member then our Cine to Video service comes completed in a labelled case (VHS or DVD).
Ideal for Birthdays, Christmas & other special Occassion.
Sample of Cine to Video Cover (In a White Case)
For a quote or further information, please contact us by Telephone on 01622 754508 or
Via Email @ and we will answer your queries.
Not sure what type of cine film you have?
Here is a guide.
Other Video Services
Have you purchased a DVD player but have all those old memories on different media?
  VHS                                  VHS-C                        8mm & Hi8                      Mini DV
All the above can be transferred to DVD or VHS
or have you purchased a Video Tape or been sent one from another country
Then this too can be transferred via our "Standards Conversion" Service
What ever your needs - Try us first!
Why not contact us today!
ME14 1PA
Tel:  01622 754508
Via Our Enquiry Form Click Here